Results-oriented employees know how to focus on achieving the right goals and work on right things, often in the face of unforeseen challenges. They understand the organization’s strategy, pay attention to industry trends, voice of the customer, and market needs, and strive to deliver meaningful results as quickly as possible.


Employees with strong execution are able to start quickly, work smart, and accomplish things productively and effi­ciently. They know how to prioritize tasks and use time and resources in an efficient manner to improve productivity and achieve individual and team’s goals.


Employees with self-motivation bring passion and a can-do attitude to their work and drive things towards success.


Employees with strong understanding can express clearly and communicate effectively to reach mutual understanding. In cases of disagreement, they are willing to listen and understand others.

Learning & Innovation:

Learning and innovation-oriented employees are curious about new things and always learning, and are able to deliver innovation. Address challenges with creative thinking and flexibility. Constantly improve the way to think and work.


Teamwork involves working effectively with others within a team and sometimes cross-culture to accomplish more together than could be done individually. The success is defined as a team success.