About Us

ZTTCE Hydrogen Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as ZTTCE) was founded in 2022 by Jiangsu Zhongtian Technology Co., Ltd., China Energy Group Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and National Institute of Clean-and-Low-Carbon Energy.

ZTTCE’s main products include 35/70MPa hydrogen dispenser, alkaline electrolyzer, diaphragm compressor, etc. The development is relying on the manufacturing and engineering strengths of ZTT, the experience of China Energy Group Hydrogen Energy Technology in investment and development of energy hydrogen projects, and the technological accomplishments of National Institute of Clean-and-Low-Carbon Energy in hydrogen equipment. ZTTCE takes hydrogen energry equipment technology as the core, and strives to become the domestic first-class equipment supplier and project contractor of hydrogen dispenser and hydrogen production plant.

In the future, ZTTCE will continue to deepen the construction of hydrogen production equipment, hydrogenation equipment and hydrogen energy engineering, combined with the needs of renewable energy green hydrogen production and multi-scene filling applications, and actively explore key technologies such as hydrogen-electric coupling, off-grid or grid-connected hydrogen production, large flow and high rate hydrogenation, and become a leader in the hydrogen energy industry.

Company Website: www.zttce.com