Focus Area

1. SLHT2008 RM-grade melting processible crosslinked polyethylene

SLHT2008 is a high density crosslinkable polyethylene for rotational molding with excellent processiblity. This product has outstanding ESCR property, high temperature resistance, excellent balance of stiffness and toughness, and can employ open fire process method.

2. SLHA 1008 RM-grade High heat resistance high adhesion PE

SLHA 1008 is a high density PE for rotational molding with excellent heat resistance. Under room temperature and high temperature, this product has good metal adhesion property, which solve delaminating problem between metal and plastic layer. Meanwhile, it has good abrasion and chemical resistance.

3. SLHI1006 high impact crosslinkable PE

SLHI1006 is a high impact crosslinkable high density PE for rotational molding. This product has high impact resistance and low warping rate.

4. SLXF6 foamable PE

SLXF6 is a high density foamable PE. It has good heat resistance, processability and compression strength. This is recommended for lighter, more rigid and stronger product.