Shenhua Direct Coal Liquefaction Residue Modified Asphalt completes the pavement of the Test Section of South Road Highway

On December 9, NDMA I-D coal direct liquefaction residue modified asphalt independently developed by NICE completed the pavement surface layer of asphalt mixture on the test section from Chongqing Nanchuan to Guizhou Daozhen Highway LM industrial park K26+032-K26+930.

This is the first time that the coal direct liquefaction residue modified asphalt was used in high temperature and rainy regions in the southern China and its highways, suggesting that the coal direct liquefaction residue modified asphalt work has taken a new step.

The total length of the test section is 900 meters, the one-way two lanes are added with one emergency lane, while the paved area reached more than 9,400 square meters.

The test adopts the liquefaction residue in the modified asphalt NDMA I - D product conforming to the I-D standard in the Specifications of the Ministry of Transport (JTG F40-2004). The product is applied to the higher-level highway test. The road section test of Ningxia (region in north China with a low temperature and little rain) national highway G110 line at the beginning of August was carried out using liquefaction residue modified asphalt NDMA I - C product conforming to I - C standard.

The pavement of the test road section was conducted by working together with Chongqing Pengfang Pavement Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd.

The results will further validate the actual performance of coal direct liquefaction residue modified asphalt road in the southern areas, enrich the variety of coal direct liquefaction modified asphalt products, accumulate industrialized production experience of related products and provide rich application data for technical promotion of products related to coal direct liquefaction residue modified asphalt.

The road section test used 10 tons of liquefied residue modifiers, which was jointly produced by NICE and Shanghai Research Institute of China Shenhua Coal to Liquid and Chemical Co., Ltd. Then, they produced 60 tons of NDMA I - D liquefaction residue modified asphalt at Chengdu Taihe Asphalt Development Company employing NICE’s modified asphalt production technology, which was used in the production of about 1,500 tons of asphalt mixture required for the test section.

Compared to NDMA I-C liquefaction residue modified asphalt products used on Ningxia test road, NDMA I-D liquefaction residue modified asphalt’s production during this time had a higher softening point, while the high temperature anti-rutting performance was better, and it confirms that it is more suitable for high temperature and rainy southern areas.

After successful pavement of the test road, the project team will continue to track and observe related technical indicators of the road surface, evaluate the actual utilization performance of the test road surface, and develop the technical regulations on liquefied residue modified asphalt production and road surface construction.

In light of different regions, the market requirements for different levels of pavement layer and the construction differentiation, NICE is actively cooperating with relevant units to develop national and industrial standards, and meanwhile actively exploring the commercial channel for conversion of achievements of coal liquefaction asphalt.