The National Institute of Clean-and-Low-Carbon Energy holds the fifth “Famous Person Forum” with special invitations to Carlo RS and Chen Qingquan to give lectures – Fossil Energy Technology of no-carbon emission and Innovative Drive Collection and Utiliz

On November 21, Carlo RS, winner of a Nobel Prize in physics and the president of China University of Mining and Technology and Sustainable Energy Institute and Chen Qingquan, deputy president of China University of Mining and Technology and Sustainable Energy Institute, came to Shenhua Group to give an academic speech. Han Jianguo, deputy director of Shenhua Group and deputy secretary of the Party Committee, deputy managing director, president of joint-stock company hosted the lecture and also gave a speech. Ge Shirong, president of China University of Mining and Technology, Wei Chang, director of Beijing Low-carbon Clean Energy Institute and Xu Wenqiang, chief technical officer, were all present at the lecture.

Han Jianguo said that China and America, as the two biggest economic entities and coal emission countries, approves and accepts the Paris Agreement while indicating that China has entered the new stage of green low carbon development on the eve of G20 peak on September 3. In recent years, China did tremendous active and effective work at low carbon emission, which received obvious desired results. In 2014, the ratio of China’s unit GDP carbon dioxide emission reduced by 33.8 percent compared to 2005. In the future, China will further control the strength of greenhouse gas emission, pushing itself in attempting to reduce 40 percent to 45 percent of coal emission strength in 2020. Shenhua Group is a comprehensive energy enterprise based on coal. Its coal emission pressure is especially outstanding. With the safe and highly efficient new energy system construction for national clean low carbon, Shenhua puts forward the development strategy of creating world first-class clean energy. The core of it is utilization of green development and cleaning and low carbonization, sized development of renewable energy, core energy, and other new energy. The key is to make effort to become the provider, promoter, and leader of clean energy relying on scientific innovation, breaking through the technical bottleneck of clean energy and scale of clean energy. Professor RS has been devoted to conducting researches on sustainable energy development for a long time, especially that he has good solution and technical path for no carbon emission and fossil energy technology. He gave a lecture titled “Fossil Energy Technology of No-carbon Emission” which has a guidance meaning for low carbon utilization technology of coal for Shenhua’s development and implementation of promoting the strategy of clean energy.

Ge Shirong then introduced Carlo RS. He said that Shenhua Group provides huge support for scientific research and technical innovation of China University of Mining and Technology and has already successfully made many results via the cooperation. As the biggest energy supplier in the world, he hopes Shenhua Group is able to tightly cooperate with China. He discussed how to develop high carbon energy to low carbon, and also did a good job for clean energy.

Professor Carlo RS and Chen Qingquan, the Academician respectively gave a speech about Fossil Energy Technology of No-carbon Emission and Innovative Drive Collection and Utilization of carbon dioxide, and answered the questions asked by the participating personnel.

The related principal of the Scientific Development Department of Shenhua Group, Guohua Electric Company, Guohua Investment Company, Guoshen Group, China Energy Conservation Company, NICE, Shenhua Institute, Shenhua Management Academy and China University of Mining and Technology participated in the lecture.