Zheng Shanjie, Deputy Director General of the National Energy Bureau accompanied by Zhang Yuzhuo and Pei Wen, comes to NICE for a survey

On November 10, accompanied by Zhang Yuzhuo, chairman, Ling Wen, managing director, Zheng Shanjie, deputy director general of National Energy Bureau, came to NICE to conduct a survey. Miu Ping, director assistant of NICE and director of Chemistry and Physics Research Center, accompanied him for the survey.

First, Zhang Yuzhuo accompanied the visiting personnel to visit the exhibition hall of NICE to understand its talent strategy. At the corridor, the principal of NICE, gave a detailed report to Zheng Shanjie of the project field that he is responsible for. The content of the report includes clean transfer and utilization of coal, technology, catalytic technology, water treatment, coal base function material, clean energy and application, distributed energy, solar energy photovoltaic and advanced exploratory technology. Afterwards, they investigated catalytic surface feature laboratory and 104 semi-works.