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  • 2015 Shenhua Science & Technology Innovation Project – SCR Catalyst Regeneration Kick-off

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  • LING Wen attends the Opening Ceremony of NICE’s First Technology Forum

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  • Coal & biomass refining

    Execute the Hulunbeir project based on the first generation of LFC technology; Execute the MOST 863 national key project to develop the second genera

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  • Coal & biomass to SNG

    1.Demo the sorption enhanced/sour methanation process, reactor & catalyst invented by NICE; 2.Demo the revolutionized CO2 sorbents invented by NICE.

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  • Energy storage

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  • Polymer & novel materials

    Develop fly Ash/polymer foams for fire-retarded building Insulation materials.

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  • Renewable

    Solar Energy Center currently focuses on boosting the efficiency and lowering the cost of nanostructured CIGS solar cells.

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  • Science Programe

    Demo plasma treated catalysts invented by NICE

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  • Syngas to liquids & chemicals

    Scale up the F-T reactor to 1 MMT/a by working with world leading experts in F-T arena such as prof. Morsi in Univ. of Pitts.

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  • CO2 EOR & CCS

    Work with Petro-China to complete a CO2 EOR demo. project.

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