PERFECT Behavior

Positive Impact:

Positively look at any issues and resolve them to your best abilities. Face any difficulties heads-on. Be positive at all times. Be active to influence others and impact others from positive perspectives.

Effective Communication:

Take all facts into consideration. Express your views clearly. Provide timely and accurate information for others. Be attentive to people’s voices and value being heard even if consensus cannot be reached. 

Respect & Trust:

Trust and respect each other. Trust the management team. Respect the decisions in place and execute the decisions even if they are different from your own. 

Foster Collaboration and Teamwork:

Demonstrate the spirit of unselfishness and have the ability to see the big picture. Do your best to actively foster team collaborations. Advocate teamwork trans-functions. Think and define success from the total company’s perspectives.

Self‐Examination and Improvement:

Be conscientious on the impact of your own behaviors towards others. Be objective to your own positives and the negatives, and be keen on personal improvement.

Champion Change:

Adapt to changes actively and quickly. Improve the work methodology all the time so as to make decisions and take actions in the best interests of the clients and the company.

Trustworthy & Integrity:

Abide by work ethics and professional codes of conducts. Keep promises. Seek truth from the facts. Work diligently and conscientiously. Do what you say, and say what you do. Work hard and contribute.